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AppViewX launches KUBE+ to streamline certificate management in Kubernetes

Automated machine identity company AppViewX Inc. today launched a new comprehensive automated certificate lifecycle management solution for Kubernetes environments that prevents outages and reduces security vulnerabilities.

Called AppViewX KUBE+, the new solution provides complete certificate visibility, end-to-end automation and policy control that is said to simplify certificate lifecycle management to secure containerized workloads at scale while supporting DevOps speed and agility.

The new service mitigates application outages, service disruptions and security and compliance risks by addressing operational and security challenges associated with certificate management in Kubernetes environments. The solution uses role-based access control and self-service capabilities that have been designed to align DevOps, CloudOps and InfoSec teams when managing thousands of certificates in Kubernetes and secure ingress traffic, service mesh and pod-to-pod communications, and Kubernetes infrastructure.

Key features include the ability to discover all SSL/TLS certificates, be they self-signed or from any certificate authority, across Kubernetes clusters. The solution maintains a dynamic inventory of certificates that are automatically segmented into groups and mapped to Kubernetes teams.

AppViewX KUBE+ automates end-to-end certificate lifecycle management from enrollment to auto-renewal of TLS/mTLS certificates in Kubernetes. The solution also creates and enforces enterprise-wide public key infrastructure policies to ensure the use of approved certificate authorities, crypto standards and validity periods.

“Whether standing up a cluster or securing its internal orchestration functions, public key infrastructure and TLS certificates are foundational to Kubernetes security since they provide strong authentication, encryption and data integrity across containerized workloads,” said Chief Product Officer Ravishankar Chamarajnagar. “AppViewX KUBE+ enables cross-functional teams to automate and overcome the challenges of managing short-lived TLS certificates at scale and speed to ensure security in complex cloud-native environments.”

The service integrates with public and private certificate authorities, Kubernetes environments, DevOps tools and information technology service management products. It supports all major Kubernetes platforms and services, including hybrid/on-premises, such as Openshift, Tanzu and Rancher, and cloud provider solutions, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine and service mesh products such as Istio and Linkerd.

It’s available now through the AppViewX Digital Identity Management Platform. 

Image: AppViewX

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