Generative AI cybersecurity startup Nexusflow raises $10.6M

Generative artificial intelligence cybersecurity startup Nexusflow.ai Inc. today announced that it has raised $10.6 million in new funding in a round led by Point72 Ventures LP, with Fusion Fund LLC and a number of individual investors also participating.

Nexusflow was founded by Professor Jiantao Jiao (pictured, center), Professor Kurt Keutzer (left) from the Berkeley AI Research Lab, and Jian Zhang (right), who received a Ph.D. from the Stanford AI Lab and previously served as the machine learning director at SambaNova Systems Inc. The company says it leverages generative AI to unlock the full potential of security products and to improve security operations and engineering.

Its NexusRaven generative AI platform allows enterprises to own AI models without leaking sensitive data. Nexusflow claims that in security applications, NexusRaven achieves an accuracy rate of up to 95%, whereas OpenAI LP’s GPT-4 achieves 64%.

The 95% accuracy in NexusRaven enables enterprises to synthesize fragmented data from various knowledge sources and software tools, accelerating team decision-making and streamlining security operations workflows. The latest release, NexusRaven-13B, is also said to deliver significantly lower costs and faster inference speed than GPT-4.

NexusRaven-13B generalizes to tools never seen during model training, achieving a success rate comparable to GPT-3.5 in a zero-shot setting, outperforming all other open-source large language models of similar sizes. The training of NexusRaven-13B does not involve any data generated by proprietary LLMs such as GPT-4, giving users full control of the model when deployed in commercial applications.

Another feature of the company’s offering, Nexflus Copilot, offers a single unified conversational interface that converts instructions into action insights. Copilot can synthesize fragmented data to speed up decision-making, and a command function allows users to operate security tools without the need for steep learning curves.

“Nexusflow specializes in curating high-quality data for data-centric AI,” Chief Executive Officer Jiao said in a statement. “We also leverage our expertise in generative AI systems to ensure efficient implementation and scalability, resulting in significantly lower costs compared to OpenAI’s GPT-4.”

It’s not clear if Nexusflow has previously raised funding, but according to a report from TechCrunch, the company raised its new funding on a valuation of $53 million. Some of the new funding will be used to increase the company’s staff from 10 to 20 people by the end of the year.

Photo: Nexusflow

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